Failure is Part of Becoming Successful

Failure is part of life. Everyone fails. Failure is often perceived as bad but often includes good. How does one fight through failure instead of letting it destroy? The answer is perspective. Those that have a positive perspective use failure as an experience to do better and become better. Some things business owners have taught me over the years.

  • Startup businesses have a high mortality rate. As long as you try your hardest, are honest, and deal with problems honorably you will likely get a second chance to restart. –Or (as an employee) keep going through troubling times because maintaining composure and integrity in the face of great challenge is a valuable personal characteristic. 
  • Experience to make good decisions is earned and gathered most quickly when things are not going well. Working hard and respecting relationships are often the best tools to resolve issues.
  • Failure keeps you grounded and is a reality check. It helps one become centered emotionally where success does not go to one’s head or failure to the heart.  
  • Making small mistakes may be a good strategy to take risk and evolve over time into a more prosperous person. “Fall forward fast” is a term I learned many years ago as I entered the workforce as a salesperson. The meaning of the phrase is to put yourself out into the market and try different methods of interacting with people to drive results (make sales). Gaining experience in what will not work is really valuable, especially at the beginning of things, so that one may develop the maturity and confidence to get things done.
  • Great stories come from failure. Stories of hardship catch peoples’ attention and bring them together because struggle is universal where everyone can relate.