Measuring and Reporting Outcomes to Produce Results

Tribes may reinforce trust with their respective community by communicating benefit through outcomes. An outcome is a result reached following action and may be reported annually to measure performance from year to year. Consistent measurement and reporting allows leadership and management to agree upon goals for an organization while the community is clear on the benefit they receive from the government and/or tribally owned enterprises. Outcome Examples:

  • Number of jobs created and retained
  • Dollars paid to fishermen
  • Acres of land acquired by tribe
  • Scholarship dollars awarded and total number of tribal members in college

A cross-organization understanding of results produced from operations is likely to promote positive alignment between stakeholders (community, leadership, management and staff). Alignment allows all to collaborate which means everyone understands their role and responsibility for action. Examples: Leadership is able to support management by approving operational plans produced by management and better equipped to answer community member questions. Management is enabled to produce plans that outline objectives necessary to achieve goals. Goals are prioritized by the outcomes the community and leadership express as most important. Employees better understand how their daily activities drive a business or government program to achieve results. The Community understands the benefits they receive and better able to show support because of access to information. Better information also provides an opportunity to share concern and identify areas of improvement.

Keys to Success:

  • All stakeholders view the same information so confusion is minimized and meaningful discussion may take place about issues that matter most.
  • There needs to be someone who is the keeper of the information so that reporting is consistent. This person may also reiterate the vision. 
  • Stakeholders agree on teamwork to encourage transparency and face tough problems by reinforcing trust so that problems are defined and fixed in a reasonable amount of time.