Google is a mega-company competing worldwide to attract the best talent.  Their perks include free gourmet food, on-site laundry, and Wi-Fi commuting shuttles.  They even hire social scientists to study their organization for the purpose of helping the firm answer questions about the best way to manage a firm.  

Google evaluates their talent beyond GPA and the ability to take a test to include “soft skills” that indicate a greater propensity for success.  The soft skills are as follows: 

1)      Humility

2)      Collaboration

3)      Adaptability

4)      Loving to learn

5)      Leadership

Intelligence still matters but soft skills are required to land a job. 

Generally speaking, an organization that works as a team will out-compete and attract resources away from a non-team organization.  In today’s information savvy-connected world, high-paying tech professionals (or any other employee in any other organization for that matter) need more than analytical skill because the reality of today’s environment is the new minimum standard of emotional intelligence -the ability to connect and communicate with others.  Problems requiring solution are best defined from multiple perspectives so that the best course of action can be offered and executed.  Even the smartest person or one with the best insight must be able to listen, understand when information is important, and add value to the conversation when timing is right.