An Ideal Manager

Over the years I have played many roles as a lender, advisor, and board member which has provided me the opportunity and pleasure of meeting a lot of business owners and peering into their operations to see what makes them work well… or otherwise.  This article is derived from my experiences and a report produced by the Gallup organization about management. 

There are a million ways to make a buck in this world and although businesses can vary greatly, successful businesses have common traits.  It is people that make a business successful.  Generally speaking, a business with a strong group of people and a weak product will stay in business longer and make more money than a weak group of people and a strong product.  Each individual is true to his/her unique nature and is motivated differently.  They have their own way of thinking and style of relating to others.  A good manager will work to understand a person’s makeup of these things and capitalize on them by putting an employee into the position that best leverages their strengths.  Proper placement is mutually beneficial to the employee and business.  The manager’s role is to be the person that incites the correct activity to achieve results –make money and facilitate stability and confidence throughout the ranks of the organization. 

An ideal manager should be able to do four things well to unlock the potential of each and every employee:

1)      Select a person whose strengths align with the needs of the role they are required to play and shares the same values as the business culture.

2)      Set expectations by defining the correct outcomes of a job.

3)      Motivate the person by helping them diagnose and conquer weaknesses.

4)      Develop the person by helping them learn and get promoted. 

Jim Stanley freely shares his knowledge in an effort to foster economic development success in Indian Country.  He is a tribal member of the Quinault Nation, Treasurer of the Tribal C-Store Summit Group, and Chairman of the Quinault Nation Enterprise Board.