Industrial dynamos have always existed to drive their organizations to success.  Only a few leaders achieve household brand name recognition like Henry Ford, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, or Bill Gates of Microsoft.  These men of industry were not alone.  They had help from good people and were able to surround themselves with talent.  It takes a group of people to drive a winning company. 

Each person in an organization is important and their respective contribution is unique.  Frontline employees carry out the daily tasks necessary for the company to deliver their value proposition.  Managers are in charge of executing operation tasks to provide a service or produce a product.  The finance officer compiles budgets, cash flow forecasts, in addition to being responsible for timely and predictable financial statements.  The executive officer is in charge of setting the direction for the company and gathering people together for various purposes.  If the organization has a board of directors the Chairperson’s role may be to set agendas and lead the board’s discussion using deep industry specific knowledge and an understanding of the business environment.  One person cannot do it alone. 

If you want to make the biggest positive difference in your organization then the best thing to do is understand how your current role contributes to the organization’s well-being and be the best you can.  If your aspirations are to run the company or be a decision maker on the executive team then a strategy to build knowledge and skill is necessary.  My advice to you is, do not worry about the money, and go after experiences to understand how things work.  Working in payroll, maintenance, sales, bookkeeping, and various other departments will improve your knowledge of how an organization works.  These insights will improve your value.  Last thing- always have a positive attitude because it unlocks doors to opportunity and attracts good people.