A Life Well Lived

My heart was saddened by the recent passing of a client.  He was Native American and in his late 50’s -gone unexpectedly.  At his service I entered the church with a heavy heart.  Tears welled up in my eyes as feelings of finality surged.  Many did not know me and I am sure most did not know he was a client.  This is ok; discretion is an important part of lending.  At his funeral service, friends and family told stories of his life which reinforced all the reasons I enjoyed having him as a client.  He was persistent and focused as a child, soft spoken and stoic as a father, always competitive, generous with friends and family. 

After listening to stories told by friends and family about the borrower’s life, my spirits lifted and it was clear this man left in his wake, an impact on those who knew him.  He set an example through action. 

Whether his business was up or down he always shared the truth without hesitation or colorful spin.  He never complained or bad-mouthed anybody.  He was a man of integrity and always did what he said what he would do.  His way of doing business allowed me to be a partner to him.  I am thankful.

I will miss my client but take comfort knowing he left the world a better place.  He lived a life well lived.