Why Jim writes...

Jim Stanley shares a passion for the betterment of Native People and believes in freely sharing his business knowledge so that ambitious tribal men and women will use the information as fuel for their own development.  Jim is inclusive of his entire audience (Native and not) but writes with the inspiration of still living on reservation and discussing lessons learned in his 10 year career as a lender building hundreds of relationships with business owners and managers, experiencing their successes and learned lessons vicariously, and reviewing financial reports.

Jim uses the internet to break down barriers of time and distance; telling stories to demystify the world of business.  Jim hopes his information is both informative and entertaining. 

About Jim

In 2007 Jim began writing a monthly column, “Native Business,” distributing to a few Washington State tribal newspapers.  Since then his relationships with tribal newspaper editors has grown to 85 spanning from Washington to Oklahoma.  This blog is a product of friendly pushing from Morgan Howard of Morgan Howard Productions to make it easier for an audience to access information.  Jim is thankful for Morgan’s friendship.   

Professionally, Jim serves the financing needs of tribes, non-profits, and for profit businesses.  Jim’s clients have an objective 3rd party perspective to help them better navigate market up and down turns.  During the recent economic period, Jim engaged clients to manage their business by adjusting to factors such as declining sales, shrinking profit margins, cash scarcity, positioning for financing, elongated accounts receivable and expanding accounts payable.  The goal is to help business owner(s) maintain financial health, regardless of economic cycle.  Jim’s communication style is direct and respectful. 

Jim Stanley lives in Snoqualmie, Washington and is a member of the Quinault Indian Nation. Jim’s writing has been published in numerous tribal newspapers and magazines such as “Native Peoples Magazine" and Indian Country Magazine.”  As a great honor, in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2012 Jim was asked to facilitate the elections process as Chairman Pro Tempore for the Quinault Indian Nation.  Jim graduated from Western Washington University in 2001 with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Internet Resources.  In 2006  and 2009 Jim achieved a BAI bankers training certification and a certificate in commercial real estate from the University of Washington, respectively.